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    Wireless image monitoring system (GPRS/CDMA)
    Manager: SHIKE    Time: 2014/3/12 16:31:18    View: 4588
    Wireless image monitoring is not limited by the distance, no wiring, convenient maintenance. Used in various fields of image acquisition and remote wireless transmission, such as electric power facilities monitoring, environmental monitoring, traffic flow monitoring points.
    Application of engineering case: the base station is the key equipment in communication base station, each worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, once stolen, loss of a few million, more than several hundred thousand dollars, affect the communication business losses is greater. So, take protection measures tight is the relationship between the economic interests of the companies. Most of the current monitoring systems adopt the wired way, and most of the base station is built in the suburbs or in relatively remote places, difficult routing, high investment. While the use of GRPS/CDMA wireless transmission of field image can be a good solution to the problem.
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